Saturday, 24 April 2010

Kitchen Diary-Day 12

Day 12

I haven't posted the last couple of days because there hasn't been much to see!  Worktops that were just sitting on top last time have been fixed down, the bookcase has been replaced and the finish round the windows put in place.  Yesterday the joiner was fixing up the cooker hood but as he had to go to the dentist and check out another job, he didn't get started till 4.30pm and didn't leave until 8.45pm last night!  He is coming back this morning and I should be able to show you more later.


  1. Its really starting to take shape Janice. Looks fantastic.

  2. Oh it's all coming together now Janice. I bet it can't happen soon enough now xx

  3. Your joiner is such a craftsman and the kitchen is really coming along. :)


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