Monday, 30 July 2012

California Prune Energy Bars

Sometimes, it's nice to have a plainer sort of cake or bake.  I love rich chocolate cake and light fluffy sponge, but there is something really satisfying about a flapjack energy bar full of oats, seeds and, in this case, California Prunes!  And even if you think you don't like prunes, I think you would like these as they are only one of many flavours and add a nice sticky sweetness to the bars.

California Prune Energy Bars (makes 6-8 bars)

225g rolled oats
25g linseed (I didn't have any so used sesame seeds)
25g pumpkin seeds
60g chopped California Prunes
90g vegetable oil
50g chopped stem ginger
100g runny honey
60g California Prune Puree*

First make the California Prune Puree (makes 275g)
Blend 225g stoned California Prunes with 90ml (6tbsp( water in liquidiser until pureed.  Left over puree can be kept in fridge for up to a week, either to make another batch of energy bars or you can blend it into a California Prune Smoothie

To make the bars:
1. Heat the oils, honey, California Prunes and prune puree in a saucepan until runny.
2. Mix the oats, linseed, pumpkin seeds and giner.
3. Spread in a shallow tray to a depth of 1cm.  Bake at 180C for 15 minutes
4. Remove from the oven, allow to cool and cut into 4cm slices.

The real revelation in these bars, is not so much the prunes, but the ginger!  It adds a real sharp bite to an otherwise sweet snack.  These are pefect adding to a lunch box and very moreish.

I think these would make another great Sporting Snack for the challenge over at Fabulicious Food


Disclaimer: I was supplied with a small quantity of California Prunes and the recipe for California Prune Energy Bars.  Iwas not required to write a positive review and any opinion expressed is my own..


  1. These look delicious and I love the presentation!

  2. Thanks Debs, I'm trying to up my 'styling'!

  3. Hi Janice! This energy bar is awesome! I definitely will be looking forward making this.

  4. These look delicious--and healthy too! :)

  5. Oooh, lovely. I know people are a bit funny about them but I think prunes are fab.

  6. These look so pretty and so healthy! Definitely a wonderful Power Snack for Sporting Snacks!

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